Saturday, August 8, 2015

What I Cooked | July 2015

Cooking sort of took a backseat in July.  Both because I got sick of picking out new recipes, and also because it was hot and I didn’t feel like cooking as much.  Plus the summer daylight meant we spent more time after work going out.  But I did manage to try out three new recipes.  You can follow my “Stuff I Cooked” Pinterest board for all the new dishes that I cooked this year so far.

America’s Test Kitchen | Singapore Noodles

20150712-2015-07-12 12.37.32_blog

I made this on 7/12/2015. I always thought Singapore Noodles would be hard to make, but it was fairly simple. Simple and delicious. Next time I would use less lime juice, it was slightly too sour.  The recipe is behind a firewall, so you’d have to register for free in order to see it.

Cooking Light | Summer Corn and Shrimp Succotash

20150714-2015-07-14 18.20.55_blog

I made this on 7/14/2015 – I used a frozen green bean, corn, carrot, and fava bean mix. Halved the recipe so I used 3/4 lb shrimp. Turned out tasty!  The broth is made by stir frying the shrimp shells and then adding the chicken broth to it.  After you make the broth you discard the shrimp shells.  This made the broth super-flavorful!

Skinnytaste | White Bean Caprese Salad

20150727-2015-07-27 17.49.43_blog

I made this on 7/27/2015 - I cut up some mozzarella cheese but they didn't turn out as pretty as the ones in her photo.  I also added roasted chicken to make it a meal. It was quite filling and delicious. For a no-cook meal, this was awesome.  Very easy for the summer!

So that’s what I cooked in July.  Lazy and easy, ha ha!


  1. The shrimp looks so yummy. I love anything shrimp. TFS.

  2. OMG, this looks so yummy! I'm currently online looking for chicken recipes because I'm bored with my recipes. LOL! Also need to use what I have I refuse to go grocery store! haha!


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