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What I Cooked | March 2015

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Since we went on vacation to Hawaii in March, I only got to cook three dishes in the month.  I’m still enjoying learning new skills and making dishes that are not only edible but some were delicious!  I used the food processor!  I cooked tender chicken!  These wins make me more confident in the kitchen for sure.  I almost feel like I could cook for guests now!  You can follow along every dish I’ve cooked in 2015 on my “Stuff I Cooked” Pinterest board.


Baked By Nature | 30-Minute Sriracha and Chicken Lo Mein

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I didn’t have thicker noodles, so I used thin noodles.  I think the thicker noodles would have made this dish better.  I made this on 3/4/2015.  This took much more than 30 minutes, especially with all the prepping and chopping. And it was also way too salty. I would use half the soy sauce and dilute it with water.  That would definitely make it less salty.  This also taught me a lesson about using recipes I find on the internet.  Not all of them are created equal.  Now I would trust established sites with user-reviews much more than just finding a recipe on any site and trying it out.


Cooking Light | Gnocchi with Shrimp, Asparagus, and Pesto

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I trust Cooking Light a lot.  Most of the dinners that Todd has made for years has been from Cooking Light.  We get the paper magazine.  If it’s not Cooking Light, then Todd makes dishes from America’s Test Kitchen.  I made this on 3/25/2015.  I used frozen shrimp from Costco. 1 lb of this frozen shrimp = 21 shrimps. We put the frozen shrimp in a big ziplock bag overnight in the fridge to thaw it.  I made this dish in about 30 minutes.  Needed to add a little bit of salt. The pesto just coats the ingredients but gives lots of flavor. It was really good, I would definitely make it again!


Cooking Light | Sweet Sesame Noodles with Chicken and Broccoli

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I made this on 3/31/2015.  I added more broccoli, used 18 oz chicken, and 1/3 more sauce ingredients. Broccoli got overcooked because they were in the colander with the noodles and stayed hot. I should separate them next time, or rinse the noodles & broccoli with cold water. Very yummy dish!  Took me about 45 minutes to cook this.  I love anything made with sesame oil.

And that’s what she cooked in March.  Todd cooked all our other homemade meals.

Let me know if you are still interested in these “What I Cooked” posts.  It’s hard for me to gauge interest since I assume that no comments means that you don’t care about them.  But one reader told me that’s not true and she enjoyed trying out the recipes that I’ve made.  It takes time for me to gather my info for blog posts, so if you guys aren’t that interested then I’ll stop posting them.


  1. I like these posts! I think it can actually be part of your memory keeping process. I wish I had taken photos of when I first learned to cook, years ago. And I like it when "real" people try recipes and report back how they turned out.

  2. Oh, I definitely want to try the pesto-shrimp-gnocchi recipe. It looks so good!!!

    Partly inspired by you, I finally decided to start separating my "made this" pins (both for food and for crafty things) onto new boards. They are easier to find that way, and now it's simpler for me to refetence the mini-review of the recipe that I wrote in a comment when I tried it.

  3. Love you food pictures.

  4. I love these posts! You're inspiring me to try to cook more as well! Keep 'em coming! :)

  5. Oh that shrimp pesto looks great. I'm so ready for asparagus season!
    I also learned the hard way not all food bloggers are created equal. Smitten Kitchen and the Barefoot Contessa recipes have always been foolproof for me. I make their recipes over and over again.

    SkinnyTaste is a new favorite especially now that I bought a spiralizer to make zoodles. America's Test Kitchen uses too many dishes so I always read the recipes a few times to see what steps or bowls I can combine. Did you know you can sign up to be a recipe tester for them? It's fun!

    1. I have also tried a couple of Skinnytaste recipes and they are good. I like that she puts the WW points+ on there too. I got a spiralizer! I need to use it again, ha!

  6. I love your what I cooked post. Keep posting!

  7. I love these posts too!!!! Please keep them coming! We are always looking for new recipes to try, and you've shared some that I definitely want to make! And thank you for making a pinterest board too...I love to pin recipes!

  8. Yes please keep these posts coming. I enjoy the comments and they inspire me to try foods I wouldn't otherwise. Thanks.

  9. Thank you, everyone! I wasn't sure that readers enjoyed my learning to cook adventures! I'll keep cooking and posting.

  10. Yummy! Thanks for the review

  11. Shyeah...always love your food posts. Would love to see the spiralizer in action..totally thinking about getting one.

  12. Oh yeah, love recipes and definitely want to know what you cook. I'm always running out of idea and I'd like to cook more healthier!


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