Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New experience for me

of the not-so-good kind. Yesterday while driving to work, I got pulled over by a cop for the first time in my life, ever! I've always bragged about how I've never been stopped by a cop before in all my years of driving, and now I can't anymore. :cry: Boo! I got caught by a motorcycle cop at a speed trap! On my way to work, I drive up this hill, and then down. When you come down the short hill, there's limited visibility. Well, cop was hiding on the side of the road right at the school zone sign. I got a speeding ticket and now I'll have to go to traffic school too. I was so bummed and my self-image so shattered. Boo! I feel like I was targeted because other people were going just as fast. So, Todd and I placated me with a good dinner at Dumpling Inn. We had shrimp & chive dumpling, potstickers, beef with scallions, and chinese greens. All so delicious. Had to wait 40 minutes to get in though, cuz the place is so darn small.


  1. I got my first ticket a few years ago, after over 20 years of nothing. I was going 27-28 in a 20 zone, on a tiny neighborhood street where the residents had been trying to stop people like me from crossing from one major street to another. Jerks. Somebody obviously knew somebody who planted a police officer on this street during rush hour.

    Don't sweat your ticket. It's ridiculous, but I don't blame the cops who give the tickets but the policies that cause the officers to be doing this kind of thing.

    Of course, if you were going really really really fast...! Ha! Take care!

  2. you poor thing!! :( sorry about your ticket and the traffic school thing is just ridiculous! :( sat least your hubby got you some yummy grub! :) (((HUGS)))


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