Wednesday, September 27, 2006

NEVER again. Last night I had the most unpleasant concert experience ever, although no fault of John Mayer or Sheryl Crow. We had paid $53 each for General Admission lawn tickets to the John Mayer/Sheryl Crow concert at Viejas Concerts by the Bayside at the Embarcadero Marina South. Based on our past experience with general admission lawn seats at Coors Amphitheatre in Chula Vista and Polaris Amphitheatre in Columbus, OH., there is usually plenty of room in a raised hill area to put down your blanket and enjoy the music. Although you're far away, you can at least see the stage. NOT the case this time. Viejas grossly oversold the capacity of this place. If you didn't buy an assigned seating ticket (for more than the $53 already), then you are out of luck as far as seeing the stage, not even from far away. It was standing room only, unless you want to be trampled by dirt and people while sitting on your blanket. The lawn area wasn't raised, so with all the people standing right in front of you, YOU CAN NOT SEE. And even when I did stand up the whole time John Mayer played, I still can't hardly see, because everyone else is taller than me. The whole area was flat, how can you expect people to see when the area is flat? I was so pissed. I'll never go to a concert at that venue again, it was such an unpleasant experience. John Mayer put on a great show, I did HEAR it. But I didn't need to pay $53 to hear it and not see it. There were PLENTY of people right outside the concert who put their blankets down on the lawn and also heard the concert perfectly clear, and paid $0 for it. In fact, they probably saw the stage better than I did. I was truly pissed. After John Mayer I didn't even stay for Sheryl Crow, because after standing for 1 1/2 hours, I wasn't about to stand around for another half an hour while they set up the stage again for Sheryl Crow, and then stand around for another 1 1/2 hours just so I can NOT see the stage. I don’t know who to blame in this case, but I gotta think it's the promoter/organizer of the show for over-selling the general admission tickets. They're not getting a penny of my money again. Greedy SOB's.

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  1. wow! what an experience...

    we sold our j mayer & s crow tickets with 2 days to go up here at concord pavillion. our 10 month old wasn't ready to be babysit by my parents so we passed.

    i figure at 26...john mayer will come around again. :)

    sorry to hear about your experience. up in here bay area, there are smaller venues at winerys (one down near saratoga) and didn't cost too much to see chris issac for $60/each (6 rows back)...


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